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BUILD YOUR MARKETING PRODUCT – Finding Product-Market Fit Through Product-Led Growth with the CEO of Funnelytics, Mikael Dia, Pt. 2

Episode Summary

An extremely difficult puzzle that any SaaS company has to solve is finding product-market fit. To better understand their market and generate brand awareness, Funnelytics released their mapping tool for free, which turned out to be a double edged sword.

The good part is that they grew like wildfire through word of mouth and user generated content, driving 8000 monthly signups across a variety of industries and company sizes. The bad part is that with such a large scope of client profiles, figuring out the optimal route for your product development and truly understanding your ideal client profile (ICP) becomes a huge challenge – but by narrowing down the persona based on usage and adaptation metrics, Funnelytics were able to figure out exactly who they serve and what their main use case is.

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