I’ve been on several podcasts which allow me to share my message of what I’ve learned throughout my career in Tech and Executive Coaching. To book me for a podcast please view my one sheet and contact me.

Chaos to Clarity

Eric’s CTO Maturity Model – a guide for where you’re at in your career as a CTO, and how to stay close to your customers to make sure you’re building the right things.

The CTO Studio
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Reinventing Nerds
Joanie interviews Eric Weiss, founder of Full Cycle Product Development. Eric has led massive development projects worth billions of dollars, including the Sony Playstation 3 and Qualcomm’s $9 Billion patent licensing machine. Eric is a product technology consultant and startup advisor and the author of Build the Right Things: How to Design and Build a Product People Will Love.
Rocket Ship
Today we talk with Eric Weiss about his experience implementing user-centered design in practice and how it changed the trajectory of the business.
Seeking Context
Executive Coach and CTO Eric Weiss discusses: what a coach actually does; how one can be helpful in advancing your career goals; and what it’s like to coach Seeking Context host Justin as CEO of an aspiring tech startup.