Eric Weiss, CEO

Hi, I’m Eric Weiss. I’ve been building technology products and leading highly-effective development teams for over 15 years.

Eric Weiss, CEO

I’ve been obsessed with technology since I was a child. Back in the ’80s, I used to tear apart my dad’s old 486 PC so I could play video games. I was a hacker during my rebellious teen years. In high school, I worked at an internet service provider and helped build the internet in my city. In college, I performed research at a high-performance super-computing lab. I’ve spent the last fifteen years developing software products from every angle. I’ve been a developer, systems architect, project manager, product manager, consultant, and Chief Technology Officer. I LOVE this stuff.

As a product manager, I helped build and launch the Sony Playstation 3. I spent ten years building analytics platforms driving Qualcomm’s $9 billion technology licensing business. I spent five years as CTO of a technology company, driving product strategy through data collection, analysis, and experimentation.

My approach helps you understand your customers better, deliver more customer value, execute more efficiently, and grow your business faster.

Chaos to Clarity

As a coach, consultant, and advisor, I’ve helped dozens of companies, from fledgling startups to Fortune 100 companies, gain maturity in their leadership, product strategy, and agile development process.

I am a board member of the Design Forward Alliance, an angel investor with Tech Coast Angels, and an advisor for the Southern California Energy Innovation Network.

It’s my mission to help as many founders as I possibly can, so I also created the Chaos to Clarity Podcast and Startup Accelerator to teach startup founders how to engage with their target market, discover an opportunity to solve their toughest problems, collaboratively build and validate solutions through user-centered design, build an MVP, gain traction, and scale through agile product management.

Chaos to Clarity
Chaos to Clarity

My experience spans a wide range of roles. I am an executive coach, an agile coach, a product strategy consultant, a fractional CTO, and a fractional CPO. I have experience in almost every facet of building products and startups and can provide guidance in many roles.

While there are some amazing coaches in the industry, no one has the breadth and depth of experience in startup leadership, product development, and technology that I do.

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I recently published my first book, Build the Right Things: How to Design and Build a Product People Will Love, which teaches founders how to solve real problems for their customers by creating empathy and designing engaging and effective user experiences.

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