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How to Keep the Startup Magic at Any Scale with Jeff Chow, CEO at InVision

On this episode Eric sits down with Jeff Chow, the CEO of InVision, to explore the future of collaboration, continuous improvement, and cross-functional teamwork. They discuss Jeff’s unique leadership style, which involves encouraging his team to be curious, authentic, and open to learning. The two dive deep into the world of agile methodologies and change management, as Jeff emphasizes the importance of quick feedback loops, instinct, and intuition for successful collaboration.

As the conversation progresses, they explore the challenges teams face when transitioning from brainstorming to execution, with Jeff sharing an innovative approach that InVision has recently introduced to address this issue. Finally, they envision the future of collaborative workspaces, aiming to break down silos and facilitate seamless cross-functional workflows on a single canvas.

Join Eric and Jeff as they uncover the power of collaboration, the value of listening to customers, and the impact of a unified workspace on productivity and continuous improvement. This episode is packed with valuable insights and practical tips for leaders and teams looking to revolutionize the way they work. Don’t miss it!

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