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The Rise of the AI CEO featuring João Ferrão dos Santos

On this episode Eric sits down with João Ferrão dos Santos, Executive Assistant to ChatGPT and CEO of Underdog Founders and Aisthetic Apparel, who has recently gone viral after hearing about a prompt called “Hustle GPT”. João’s prompt is essentially: “You are HustleGPT, an entrepreneurial AI. You will be the CEO and I will be your Executive Assistant. You have $1,000 and 1 hour of my day, everyday. Make the most successful company possible.”

In an era of rapid technological advancements, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in various industries is no longer surprising. João has taken the conversation about AI’s capabilities to a new level. Santos discusses his unique journey with Chat GPT, an AI language model that he uses to make key decisions for his company. This thought-provoking interview raises questions about the potential benefits and ethical concerns surrounding AI-driven decision-making.

From Underdog Founder to AI-Powered CEO

Santos’ story began with a simple idea: sharing stories about underdog founders on LinkedIn. As the stories went viral, he saw the potential in building a brand around these authentic startup journeys. This led to the creation of Underdog Founders, a platform showcasing the genuine struggles and triumphs of entrepreneurs who have faced rejection and adversity but have persevered.

Through this venture, Santos embraced AI technology to redefine entrepreneurship. With Chat GPT prompts, he founded a company from scratch called Aisthetic Apparel, where he delegates all key decisions to the AI language model. From creating a brand name, logo, and designs, to determining retail price points, pre-money valuation, and minimum ticket size for investors, Chat GPT takes the lead. Santos, however, still handles the smaller details himself.

AI in E-commerce: The Shopify and Printful Blueprint

Santos’ innovative approach to AI extends beyond decision-making. During the interview, he reveals how he asked Chat GPT to create a ten-step plan for building a successful print-on-demand e-commerce store using Shopify and Printful. This not only demonstrates the versatility of AI language models but also highlights their potential to revolutionize the way businesses are created and operated.

OpenAI and the Ethical Landscape

While Santos’ use of AI is undoubtedly groundbreaking, it also raises ethical concerns. OpenAI, the organization responsible for developing the language model, is aware of the potential risks and maintains a cautious approach. They issue disclaimers before each response, emphasizing the importance of human accountability and responsibility.

The podcast interview delves into the possibility of AI making decisions that might not be in the best interests of humans. The discussion highlights the need for a global agreement on building and training AI models, as well as maintaining ethical standards in AI development. As AI capabilities continue to grow, there will be increasingly complex scenarios to navigate and ethical considerations to address.

AI’s Impact on Business and Society

The conversation also touches on AI’s potential to disrupt industries and change what we consider important work. With AI-driven decision-making becoming more prevalent, there will be a significant shift in the workforce landscape. For instance, tasks such as content generation may increasingly rely on AI, as demonstrated by Santos’ use of Chat GPT. However, he acknowledges its limitations in terms of quality and storytelling ability compared to human writers.

This is a fascinating episode and will be impactful for anyone who is interested in enabling AI to start a business.

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